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May 3rd Our World Underwater Scholarship Society


The 40th annual weekend in NYC was an amazing celebration with the final dissertation of the 2013 scholars, lectures by former scholars and the introduction of the 2014 new scholars.
I’m a proud sponsor of the Society since 2003 and a big fan of the concept to offer to smart young people the opportunity to become smarter, to make a smarter world.
My donations are not usefull for the immediate year of the scholars but I’d like to think that the artwork they are choosing from my collection, will enjoy them later, when hung on their wall, it will remind them of the amazing year they spend during their scholarship.
I’m confident that they will work hard to preserve the beauty of the underwater world or improve our knowledge about it.
Big applause to the volunteers, board and sponsors to make this possible.
Congratulations to Chloe Marechal, Jeff Hester and Stefan Andrews for their spectacular year.
Goodspeed to Ana Sofia Guerra , Elena Salim Haubold and Courtney Rayes , the new North American, European and Australasia 2014 Scholars.

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