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Oct 24: Award OWU Scholarship Dema Las Vegas


oct 24, 2008
OWU Scholarship Society, Fondation Rolex

Pascal Lecocq has been supported the Society for the last few years and wants to increase his help to the students and the mission of the Scholarship Society.
It’s also the aim of his new foundation, the “Pascal Lecocq Foundation for the Arts and Environmental Education” to help and promote children to express themselves by painting and being concerned by the environment…
Giving one of his artpiece to scholars Eline Feenstra, European Scholar 2008, Jamie Brisbin, North American Scholar 2008, and Steve Lindfield, Australasian Scholar 2008, he declares to encourage also the students to consider art as an important part of their research.

For more than 35 years, Our World Underwater Scholarship Society has created invaluable opportunities for its young scholars and interns to pursue careers related to the underwater world. We provide experience-based scholarships and internships with renowned marine and freshwater experts throughout the world.
With decades of generous and unwavering support from volunteers and sponsors like Rolex, Our World Underwater Scholarship Society has seen its scholars and interns make lasting contributions to the underwater world. In fact, the vast majority of former scholars and interns are still working in underwater-related fields.

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with B,Mahoney, OWU American Scholar 2007coming soon, OWU American Scholar 2008

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